Eliminating the danger of an explosion in containers filled with explosive gas or liquids.
Facilitating fire-fighting operations by extending the time available to extinguish fires by minimizing the danger of an explosion.
Minimizing the danger in pile-ups that the tank of a car will burst by accident – a burst tank can cause fuel to spray around and sparks to lead to firse and explosions.
The tank is safe after a onetime investment, no maintenance of the material is necessary, as
the product's lifetime is unlimited, can be easily removed if the tanks needs to be repaired, and is reusable.
100% recyclable.
Reduction of volume by 1,2% - 2%.
Stabilizes the liquid, no fuel baffle necessary.
Foils can be used for a wide range of operations.

Aluminium is most commonly used while stainless steel and copper are used for the US military and catalysts, respectively.




Spherical Filling Bodies (Balls):
Loss of Volume: 1,5% - 2%
Weight: 0,05 – 0,08 kg/Liter
Diameter of the Balls: 15mm – 40mm

Loss of Volume: 1,2% - 1,5%
Weight: 0,035 – 0,045kg/Liter

Strength of the Metal Foils: 0,02 – 0,09 mm

Use for Military Applications
„Rolling Bomb“ Tank Truck
Safety Tanks for Bio Diesel
Floor components for oil platforms
Safety Tanks in Motor Sports
Safety Tanks for Planes
Welding on a Tank filled with Explo-Control