Hannes Schrenk


EXCO GesmbH was founded on 12 April 1985 by Hannes Schrenk who is also the holder of the Basic Patent on which we based many of our production processes. Even before the founding of our company, Hannes Schrenk developed the first prototype for producing networks of aluminium foil in 1981. In 1988, our new company quarters for research, development and mechanical engineering were built at our current address Nikolaus August Otto Strasse 7, Wiener Neustadt. In the more than 20 years since the development of our patented EXPLOSION CONTROL system, it has been continuously refined and has been updated to the newest empirical values. Our production machines for networks and balls (spherical filling bodies) have also been developed and built on site. All of our products and our know how are distributed worldwide exclusively for production and sale. Our partners include independent contractors as well as governments and the military. These relationships enable Hannes Schrenk to fulfil his personal cause to secure as many objects with our EXPLOSION CONTROL SYSTEM and therefore preserve lives and property.